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Since 2013, the Blueline Energy Group has been providing the Oil and Gas Industry with Frac Water Management and Hydrostatic Testing services throughout Western Canada, specifically in the Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Edson, and Drayton Valley regions. Employing nearly 100 people, company president Jay Gyug shares what obstacles the company had to overcome to make it to where they are today.

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Established five years ago in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Blueline Energy Group falls under the speciality Oil and Gas company category, specializing in the On Demand heating and proprietary movement of high volume water transfer through 10-inch lay-flat hose during the fracing process. For this and many other reasons, Blueline is considered the Leader in Water Management Throughout Western Canada. “Our policy is to develop and maintain a Quality Service Program by providing our customers with unparalleled customer service, complete turn-key services, and our unique equipment that has the least impact on our environmental footprint,” says company president Jay Gyug. Blueline’s most recent project involved pumping high volumes of water with inline heat-on-demand this past winter through the extreme, relentless arctic fronts. This involved surface line pumping of sections from 3 to 45 kilometres in distance, and overcoming massive elevation changes, pulling from multiple sources and delivering on their client’s high expectations. “We are committed to developing strategic collaborative relationships with our customers. From the beginning to the end of every project, you can rely on and trust Blueline to provide you with unrivalled integral support,” says Jay. Before establishing the Blueline Energy Group in 2013, the founders of the company were all involved in various aspects of the completion and construction sides of the Oil and Gas industry, from the producer side as well as the service company side. In just five short years, the company introduced to the Canadian market larger diameter pumping surface lines and designs to match the growing needs of the Producers Completion programs thus delivering cost savings and efficiencies from what the industry was used to. But in those early days, there were major hurdles that challenged Blueline, which included overcoming bidding/pricing, geographic, and personnel challenges. “Overcoming the service industry’s norm of ad hoc billing after the fact was a major hurdle,” recalls Jay. “When we rolled out as a service company, we wanted to be known for committing to and honouring quoted prices. When a bid on a project was unsuccessful, we would request and engage with the client to take the time to do a post-job analysis on the project. We would discuss what their actual spend was versus what the awarded company bid, and then provide a mirror comparison against Blueline’s cost proposal. We have no hidden agendas, so sometimes our bids optically look high, but it is an all-in quote, where as the industry is notorious for bidding low and adding on multiple charges after the contract is awarded.” Geographic coverage was another challenge Blueline faced. “Out of the gate, we set up shop in Grande Prairie with an office staff in Calgary. We were bidding on work all over Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia and found it extremely difficult to logistically make ends meet,” admits Jay, adding that, in addition, Blueline’s Grande Prairie FOB pricing wasn’t competitive enough. “Initially we took the hit and matched the competition on FOB pricing out of the closest city center in proximity to the work sites. This enabled us enough time to establish additional locations to allocate existing assets as well as purchase additional assets and obtain more strategic facilities and staff to effectively run operations out of Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Edson, and Drayton Valley,” explains Jay. Drugs and alcohol in the workplace was another significant issue Blueline wanted to address early on. “We have been around and seen the issues of alcohol and drugs in the Oil Patch. The partners have, and always will be unified on the implementation and diligence on maintaining a strict D&A policy that will not compromise the well-being and safety of our employees, customers, fellow coworkers, or stakeholders of our companies,” says Jay. As they were overcoming these early obstacles, Blueline Energy Group worked to gain market share in the Oil & Gas Industry brick by brick, meeting by meeting, and bid by bid. “Communication and transparency opened doors. Once the doors were open, we got the opportunities to really show the customers the culture, integrity, and expertise we bring to the table, explains Jay. “Typically, once a producer utilizes our services, they find we are a high-functioning group that looks to maintain the reputation of industry leaders.” FUTURE PLANS To continue with their consistent rate of success, the Blueline Partners are constantly looking at the best ways to remain an industry leader, whether that is expanding their geographic coverage, offering up more complementary services, or expanding into other lines of business. “What one can be certain of is that we will not make a move for the wrong reasons,” says Jay. “We will not compromise our existing reputation and service offerings in an effort to chase the mighty dollar. We are proud of what we have built, and our future must be developed strategically and inline with our corporate vision.” “We don’t sell, we consult. We do not fabricate or embellish any aspect of our operations to build a false impression of the Blueline Energy Group. Our priorities are ethics, reputations, morals, accountability and transparency,” explains Jay. “We provide options and suggestions to the client even when its not in the best interest of Blueline, but it is in the best interests of the client. We are focused on long-term relationships rather than the one-and-done mindset found in many service companies.”

Why Choose Blueline

At Blueline, the strengths of the team include:

  • Communication, Transparency, Accountability
  • Expertise & Experience
  • Consultation
  • Safety Culture
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Environmental Knowledge & Awareness
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Relations

A key element of the company is how they demonstrate environmental stewardship. “Blueline understands there are limits to the amount of available water supply, especially with the growing volumes the O&G industry is needing world-wide as Completion techniques continue to advance,” says Jay. “Water resources must be managed within the capacity of individual watersheds, regional parameters, and historical data.

All available sources of information should be used to make educated decisions when building their water programs,” he adds. “Producers need to look at all viable options, including each other cohesively when it comes to recycling and reuse to help ease this growing strain on the industry.”

With an extensive list of strengths going for them, including their expertise, experience, communication, and transparency, there is a short list of qualities Jay would like prospective clients to hone in on: “Quite simply, you get what you pay for and to make sure they see the full picture when making that final decision,” Jay says. “And companies should make their project hiring decisions based on historical proven success, their design consultation, their equipment condition, and whether they own their equipment. Producers should look at a company’s health and safety environment, too, as well as the satisfaction and retention rate of their employees.”

Achieve Success

Blueline Energy’s main goal is to help your organization achieve success. is why we go above and beyond to demonstrate our commitment to our customers, ensure the safety of our employees and protect our communities with the highest degree of integrity and enthusiasm.
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At Blueline Energy Group, we specialize in being your one stop service provider for Frac Water Management throughout Western Canada. Blueline has the capacity and expertise to assist in designing, sourcing, permitting, and delivering your fluid requirements to run a successful completion program.

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Blueline Energy Group is committed to the Aboriginal community. Please take a moment to view our Aboriginal Relations document.

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